Lawyers Honored for Pro Bono Work

The Florida Supreme Court on Thursday will host a ceremony to honor lawyers for their pro bono work.

Here are the winners of the awards, according to The Florida Bar:

2017 Tobias Simon Pro Bono Service Award: Mark E. Olive of Tallahassee.

The Distinguished Judicial Service Award: Virginia Baker Norton, administrative judge, civil division, 4th Judicial Circuit.

The Distinguished Federal Judicial Service Award: Laurel Myerson Isicoff, United States Bankruptcy Court, Southern District of Florida.

The Law Firm Commendation: Immigration Law Group of Florida, P.A., of St. Petersburg.

The Voluntary Bar Association Pro Bono Service Award: Jacksonville Bar Association.

The Florida Bar Young Lawyers Division Pro Bono Service Award: Jennifer Edwards, Largo.

The Florida Bar President’s Pro Bono Service Awards:

1st Circuit: Joseph D. Lorenz

2nd Circuit: David H. Abrams

3rd Circuit: Christina Nieto Seifert

4th Circuit: Laura J. Boeckman

5th Circuit: Samuel Pennington

6th Circuit: Lynn Katz Hanshaw

7th Circuit: Jay S. Grife

8th Circuit: Peggy-Anne O’Connor

9th Circuit: Brenda L. London

10th Circuit: Kristie Hatcher-Bolin

11th Circuit: Brett Alan Barfield

12th Circuit: Michele S. Stephan

13th Circuit: Katherine Earle Yanes

14th Circuit: Steven Lawrence Applebaum

15th Circuit: Holly Tabernilla

16th Circuit: David L. Manz

17th Circuit: Richard Francis Hussey

18th Circuit: Brigitta Hawkins

19th Circuit: Mark Miller

20th Circuit: Jonathan I. Tolentino

Out-of-State: Laura Thayer Wagner, Atlanta