Dem Leader: Please Investigate Voter Fraud Allegations

With Republican President Donald Trump alleging voter fraud in the November elections, state Senate Minority Leader Oscar Braynon, D-Miami Gardens, says Florida officials should start an investigation.

In a letter Wednesday to Florida Secretary of State Ken Detzner, Braynon suggested such an investigation would debunk Trump’s allegations.

Here is a portion of Braynon’s letter to Detzner:

“While President Trump has signaled, via Twitter, his intent to probe his allegations, I believe that charges of election fraud by the president of the United States are far too serious to allow more time to elapse. The statute appears to make clear that, on the basis of his allegations, you now have a legal obligation to act.

“I am well aware that such reviews and purges in the past failed to turn up any evidence of widespread fraud; in fact, a number of individuals, including decorated military veterans were falsely accused of such acts.

“But in the interests of reassuring the citizens of this state and Mr. Trump that his election to the presidency was beyond reproach and that no voting irregularities contributed to his success in Florida, I strongly urge you to begin such an investigation.”