Gillum Goes After Trump on Executive Order

Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum, a Democrat widely viewed as a possible future candidate for higher office, sent out a statement Thursday criticizing Republican President Donald Trump for an executive order seeking to crack down on “sanctuary” cities — one of the latest flashpoints in the debate about undocumented immigrants.

Here is the text of Gillum’s statement:

“President Trump’s immigration Executive Order attacking cities is not a projection of strength, but a reflection of weakness. His actions are inconsistent with our highest values and cause us to shrink from our rich history as a nation of immigrants. We can protect our national security interests and have a secure border without criminalizing people who are here undocumented. The president’s executive order on immigration doesn’t just deal with people who have committed crimes; it criminalizes individuals based on their status as undocumented. These are working people who pay taxes in our country. They are attending public schools alongside our children and graduating as valedictorians and standout students. They are critical members of our local, state and national economy, and contribute to the culture of our society. A decision between security or compassionate immigration policy are false choices, we can have them both.”