RPOF Launches Effort to Win Numbers Game

Republicans have enjoyed almost total control of state government since Jeb Bush was elected in 1998. But by one measurement — voter registration — they have continued to lag behind Democrats.

The state GOP, however, sent out a news release Thursday touting what it calls “Project Majority Red,” which is aimed at overtaking Democrats in voter registration.

As of the book-closing for the November elections, Democrats led by a margin of about 327,000 voters.

To kick off the registration effort, the GOP went Tuesday to Hendry County, the kind of rural area where Republicans have typically trailed in voter registration but done well at the ballot box.

Consider: About 47 percent of Hendry County voters are registered  Democrats, while about 35 percent are registered Republicans. But GOP President Donald Trump captured nearly 56 percent of the county’s vote in November.

The kickoff Tuesday involved state GOP Chairman Blaise Ingoglia appearing at a Hendry County Lincoln/Reagan Dinner and welcoming Hendry County Sheriff Steve Whidden, a former Democrat, into the Republican Party, according to the news release.