Poppa was a rollin’ stone? Gillum ready to hit the road again

Sometimes in politics, you really are just taking some family time.
Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum, a Democrat who’s running for governor in 2018, announced Thursday that he will soon get back to campaigning shortly after the birth of his son Davis last week.
Gillum — already the father of twins — will appear next weekend at the “Women’s March for Truth” in Miami, a voter-rich area that could be up for grabs in the Democratic primary, given that none of the party’s high-profile candidates hails from that area.
The mayor also took some time in the Thursday’s statement announcing his campaign-trail return to blast away at President Donald Trump, already emerging as one of the Democrats’ top foils in the 2018 midterms.
“We must say with one clear voice: President Trump and his Administration’s behavior are far outside the bounds of acceptable or normal, and we all need the truth about their actions,” he said.
If you feel like Gillum hasn’t actually been out of campaign mode for long — well, that’s because his operation has kept up the pace of statements and endorsements. This week alone, the campaign has rolled out the support of former U.S. House and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro — a rising star in the national Democratic party — and state Sen. Jeff Clemens, a Lake Worth Democrat who will lead his party in Florida’s upper chamber starting next year.
The mayor has also been churning out statements on topics like an administrative decision affecting Haitian refugees and a controversial Republican health care bill in Congress — not to mention a blog post on failed legislation, which Gillum opposed, to pre-empt local government ordinances.
But now, the mayor is ready to hit the road again. Though, doubtless, there will be plenty of fatherly things to do when he returns home.