Lord, I was born a rambling LG

gregg-allman-goodbyeThe death of legendary Southern rocker Gregg Allman on Saturday evoked memories of the Allman Brothers’ start in Florida, including Gregg and his brother Duane’s high school years in Daytona Beach, where an early iteration of the band was called the Allman Joys.

But there is also a Tallahassee connection to the band.

Former Lt. Gov. Bobby Brantley, who served with Gov. Bob Martinez from 1987 to 1991, briefly played the drums with the band.

Responding to a query from retired reporter John Van Gieson on Facebook, here is what Brantley said:

“I played with Greg and Duane for a few weeks, when they were the Allman Joys. I had already enlisted in the Marine Corps on a 90-day delay before leaving for Parris Island. Duane and I had become friends and they needed a drummer. Butch Trucks was recruited for the job. Butch and I had been friends since elementary school.

“Duane was the only person who could somewhat control Greg’s drug use. After Duane’s death, Greg’s drug abuse escalated. He finally got his life together, but I guess the years of abuse took its toll. Greg and Duane were two of the most talented musicians I had ever I known.”