Corcoran Doesn’t Play Small Ball

With his new-found alliance with Gov. Rick Scott, House Speaker Richard Corcoran, R-Land O’Lakes, is already envisioning another “bold, transformative” legislative agenda in 2018.

The session, which starts early in January, will be the last regular session for Corcoran and Scott, who both face term limits.

But as he joined Scott in a “victory tour” on Tuesday, touting their joint successes in the recently concluded special session, Corcoran said he already has his eye on the 2018 session.

“We have one more swing at the bat and we intend to swing for the fences and have another transformative session,” Corcoran said as he appeared with Scott in Fort Myers.

Corcoran didn’t give any specifics, but likely items on the House agenda will be a few Corcoran-backed items that came up short in the 2017 session.

Among them may be another attempt to impose term limits on appellate judges, including the members of the Florida Supreme Court, and a major ethics package that would increase the two-year lobbying ban for ex-lawmakers and other state officials to six years.