Clemens: Be Clear ‘Why We Suck Significantly Less’

Going with his own straight-talk express, Sen. Jeff Clemens, D-Lake Worth, launched a “Flip Florida Blue” fundraising campaign — and offered a unique argument after nearly two decades of Republican control of state government.

“There are millions of people in Florida who think both parties suck, and we have to be clearer as to why we suck significantly less, and in fact, why voting for Democrats is a choice people can actually feel good about,” Clemens said in a release Thursday. “Public education, clean water, justice, equality, and the ability to climb that ladder to a great job are the hallmarks of a Democratic government. Compelling communications, unfortunately, have not been the hallmark of every Senate Democratic campaign. We’re working to change that.”

Clemens is expected to become the Senate Democratic leader after the 2018 elections and heads the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee.

He also made clear Thursday that an immediate priority is trying to win a special election for the Senate District 40 seat, which Republican Frank Artiles vacated in April after a controversy about vulgar remarks at a private Tallahassee club.

Clemens outlined that the goal of the “Flip Florida Blue” campaign is to “win enough to fight the de-funding of education, health care and environmental protections and basically, reverse the slow, painful Republican-led degradation of this nation’s largest swing state.”