Scott still silent on Senate run

The president may be urging him to make it official, but Gov. Rick Scott is remaining mum about whether he’ll jump into the race for the U.S. Senate.

Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 7.38.28 AMAsked about a 2018 run by Erin Burnett, anchor of the eponymously named CNN show Erin Burnett OutFront, Scott said yesterday his focus remains on his current job.

“I’ve always said the same thing. It’s 2017. The race is in 2018. I won’t make a decision until later,” Scott said. “Politicians seem to worry about their next job. I’ve got like 570 days left in this job.”

Burnett raised the question because President Donald Trump tried to put his pal Scott on the spot Friday while they were in Miami announcing the president’s policy on Cuba.

“He’s doing a great job. Oh, I hope he runs for the Senate,” Trump told the crowd. “I know I’m not supposed to say that. I hope he runs for the Senate. Rick, are you running?”

Scott remained silent on Friday.

On Monday, during the CNN appearance, he didn’t get to discuss his economic-development trip to Connecticut or the pending impact of a tropical system brewing off the Florida Panhandle.

Burnett turned to Scott with questions about allegations of Trump’s taping conversations in the White House — “I have no idea,” Scott said — and the president’s Twitter usage.

“I think he’s out trying to get his message out,” Scott said of Trump’s tweets. “He’s used it to get his message out. When I’m around him, I’ve talked to him about health care, about Cuba. I was there a week-and-a-half ago about infrastructure. He’s very engaged in the issue of the day.”

Burnett corrected Scott when he offered the line that Trump has “100 million Twitter followers.”

CNN estimates Trump has about 32.4 million followers to his main Twitter account, while across all social media his reach touches 87 million followers.

Posted by Jim Turner