Raising a stink in horse country

It’s no surprise that the Florida Agricultural Center and Horse Park in Marion County draws a lot of hoof traffic.

The 500-acre facility hosts numerous equine events, including rodeos, roping contests and dressage shows. It includes a 79,500-square-foot covered arena where riders can exercise their horses shaded from the summer sun.

The agricultural center features show-quality jumps with rails, gates, planks and walls, and is home to 320 permanent stalls.

But the facility, which recently fired its executive director, faces some challenges, not the least of which is a giant pile of poop.

To be accurate, the pile also includes “urine-soaked shavings,” according to the Ocala Star-Banner, which reported on recent developments at the horse park, which is under the state Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

Jim Payton, interim executive director at the park, said ten trailers full of the equine byproducts have been removed, but it’s only the beginning, according to the Star-Banner.

“I would say there is probably another 100 trailerfuls still out there. We need to get rid of it, but we don’t have the funds to do it all at once,” Payton said.

Posted by Lloyd Dunkelberger