Scott jobs search light shines on Mag Instruments

IMG_1797Florida Gov. Rick Scott got into the “Made in America” act as his buddy, President Donald Trump, used the White House as a backdrop to showcase home-grown products earlier this week.

Trump highlighted at least a single item from each state, including Florida’s North Venice drinkware manufacturer Tervis Tumbler Co.

Yesterday, Scott — who’s consistently poached for jobs in states led by Democrats — shot off a letter to Anthony Maglica, creator of the ubiquitous Maglite flashliight. Scott invited Maglica to move his Ontario, Calif.-based Mag Instrument Inc. to the Sunshine State so the products can be labeled as “Made in the USA.”

In extending a welcoming hand across the nation to Maglica, the governor also dissed the Golden State.

“As you know, California Governor Jerry Brown and the California Legislature have been no friend to businesses in your state,” Scott wrote.  “Governor Brown’s tax and spend administration has spent year after year passing burdensome and unnecessary laws that make it harder for businesses to succeed. Now, they are insulting the very American manufacturing that makes our country so great by not allowing you to put a ‘Made in USA’ label on your American designed, engineered and manufactured flashlights. This makes no sense.”

Scott, widely rumored to be prepping for a U.S. Senate run next year, told Maglica that Florida “would be proud to have the ‘Made in USA’ label” stamped on his products.

Mag Instrument, which makes the baton-like flashlights (we have blue!) often wielded by law enforcement officers, didn’t immediately respond for comment.

But Maglica — who launched his company more than six decades ago — penned an op-ed piece published in The Wall Street Journal last month, in which the inventor complained about his plight.

“My company manufactures flashlights in the Golden State, but Sacramento considers them foreign,” he wrote.

While the Maglite flashlights are assembled at its Ontario — east of Los Angeles — factory, some of the components, most notably the LED lights, are imported.

California law prohibits manufacturers from using the “Made in U.S.A,” “Made in America,” or similar labels on products “if the merchandise or any article, unit, or part thereof, has been entirely or substantially made, manufactured, or produced outside of the United States.”

By Jim Turner and Dara Kam.