Uh-oh? Psychiatrists now free to opine about Trump’s mental health

Could the early morning and late-night tweets from @realdonaldtrump have anything to do with it?

Shrinks are doing away with the “Goldwater” gag rule that barred psychiatrists from talking out loud about the mental health of public officials.

The American Psychoanalytic Association’s executive committee told members in an email this month that they aren’t bound by the rule, according to a story by STAT’s Sharon Begley.

“Reporters, pundits, and government officials “have been stumbling around trying to explain Trump’s unusual behavior,” from his seemingly compulsive tweeting to his grandiosity, said Dr. Leonard Glass, a psychiatrist at Harvard Medical School. The rule against psychiatrists offering their analysis of the emotions, thought patterns, and beliefs underlying such behaviors, Glass said, robs the public “of our professional judgment and prevents us from communicating our understanding” of the president’s mental state.”

The “Goldwater rule” came about after some psychiatrists weighed in on a 1964 survey about whether Sen. Barry Goldwater was fit for the White House.

“The rule states that it is unethical to offer a professional opinion about a public figure’s mental health, including the presence or absence of a disorder, without that person’s consent and without doing a standard examination. In March, the psychiatric association reaffirmed the rule,” Begley writes.

We’re going to dig deeper into this during our 50 minutes on the couch (it’s actually a ratty old armchair) this week.

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