Putnam’s 100 days on the trail: Busy Bee, shootouts and cortaditos

IMG_2034Eight visits to a North Florida Busy Bee, 2 “shotgun shootouts,” and downing 12 cortaditos in Miami are among the highlights of Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam’s first 100 days on the campaign trail, according to a press release issued by his campaign staff.

Putnam, a Republican, jumped into the race for governor in May.

Since then, he’s been a busy bee, according to the numbers in the at-times tongue-in-cheek release, which include:

  • 12 “Up & Adam” Breakfasts
  • 11 County Republican functions
  • 2 Shotgun Shootouts
  • 8 stops to the Busy Bee, where I-10 meets I-75
  • 12 cortaditos downed by Adam in Miami
  • 1 oil change for Adam’s white pickup truck
  • 1 A/C repair visit to the Bartow headquarters
  • 100 glasses of Florida orange juice consumed by Adam
  • 343 cans of Coke Zero consumed by staff at Bartow headquarters
  • 3,044 popsicles distributed to young Floridians at parades
  • 1,700 volunteers signed up
  • 1 school field trip, 1 fifth grade graduation, 1 school play, 1 high school awards ceremony and 4 summer reading lists accomplished in the Putnam family

Putnam’s had the field to himself until recently — state Sen. Jack Latvala, a Republican from Clearwater, rolled out his campaign for governor with a three-city flyaround that kicked off in Hialeah on Wednesday.

No word yet on how many cortaditos Latvala consumed down South.