GOP lawmakers headed to homeland

hp-capitol-flagRepublican state Reps. Rene Plasencia, Bob Cortes and David Santiago are headed to Puerto Rico tomorrow to meet with government officials, according to a press release issued by Cortes, R-Altamonte Springs.

The three-day trip will include visits with the Puerto Rican House speaker, the governor’s chief of staff, and port officials, according to the release.

The three-day trip is “a continuation of the dialogue initiated earlier this year” by Plasencia’s office and will focus on healthcare, trade and the economy, the release said.

“With the population of Puerto Ricans in Florida exceeding 1 million, it is imperative that our two governments have a dialogue on how to address not only the impact that is being felt across all Florida communities, but also on the island of Puerto Rico,” Plasencia, R-Orlando, said.

The Puerto Rican trip comes after officials from the island visited Central Florida earlier this year.