Scott to Floridians: Get a plan!

With powerful force taking form on Florida’s horizon, you just know a Navy baseball cap is at the ready.

Gov. Rick Scott, who has found a niche in the past year as Florida’s hurricane-defender-in-chief, wasted little time over the holiday weekend kicking into storm prep mode.

Scott, who’s mulling a bid for for the U.S. Senate, tweeted out a series of advisories Sunday and Monday as an ominously powerful hurricane called Irma plowed westward on a path across the Atlantic. Some projections put Florida on the edge of the “cone of death” by the week’s end.

“Families should take time today to make sure you have a disaster plan and fully-stocked Disaster Supply Kit,” Scott tweeted on Monday. “I am continuing to coordinate with emergency management officials as we monitor Hurricane Irma.”

While I’m not a weather expert, some readers may recall my profanity-laced appearance in the Capitol press skits several years ago, where I was joined by Craig Fugate. Fugate, a former Florida DEM chief who went on to head FEMA has had some interesting things to say recently about how to respond to the impacts of Hurricane Harvey, which left much of Texas in water-soaked tatters.

Scott added weather briefings with Florida Emergency Management Director Bryan Koon to his daily calendar on Sunday and Monday.

On Sunday, Scott repeatedly posted a link to the FDEM’s disaster prep page.

“FL knows how important it is to be prepared. Encourage your loved ones to have a plan ahead of any potential storm.” Scott tweeted Sunday.

By Jim Turner.