Did DeSantis just announce guv run?

Congressman Ron DeSantis is parlaying a tweet from President Donald Trump — which he’s calling an “endorsement” — into some earned media while he ponders a bid for governor.

Trump recently hailed DeSantis, a Republican from Palm Coast, on social medical as a “brilliant young leader” who would make a “GREAT governor” for the Sunshine State.

This morning, DeSantis’s campaign sent out a press release touting the congressman’s comments on Fox and Friends earlier today, where DeSantis played coy about his guv run and fanned the flames of speculation.

The campaign also provided a transcript, to make it easier for lazy journos who didn’t want to take the time to watch the brief clip, which runs just over a minute.

Asked about Trump’s praise, DeSantis said:

I can tell you that when that tweet went out, the amount of buzzing on my phone from calls and texts, I thought the phone was malfunctioning or there was something going on. When he tweets and he has 100 million people that are seeing that, it’s a really really big deal, so I really appreciate the kind words from the President.

He loves Florida, he’s been good for Florida, and I anticipate he’ll continue to do that. We’ll definitely come back on your show in the new year and be happy to break some news then.

But that wasn’t enough.

Leland Vittert, one of the show’s hosts, called DeSantis’s response “the non-denial, denial. Sort of the non-acceptance, acceptance.”

And DeSantis didn’t deny that.

“Leland, you can use your deductive reasoning skills, there’s nothing wrong with that,” he said.