Corcoran clan yawns while speaker crows

We’re not even sure where to begin.

House Speaker Richard Corcoran last video — pushed out by his political committee, Watchdog PAC — erased any remaining doubts for many about whether the Land O’ Lakes Republican is running statewide.

The ad was widely criticized for using scare tactics to promote one of the conservative leader’s top issues — banning so-called “sanctuary cities” in Florida.

Followers of Corcoran on Twitter may be even more certain about the speaker’s future as a gubernatorial candidate after this football-themed video posted on social media yesterday.

In the tongue-in-cheek video, Corcoran, his wife and their six children are huddled while Corcoran, apparently the team captain, tries to pump them up.

But his conservative cheerleading prompts eye rolls and complaints from his family members, who may be less leery of criticizing their dad/husband than GOP members of the House.

Here’s the beginning of the video:

“I know we’re down, but remember when we took on ethics reform?” Corcoran says in the huddle.

“Dad, stop already,” his young daughter gripes, drawing out the word “Dad” into three syllables.

But, not surprisingly, he doesn’t.

“Or when we took on the liberal special interests, and we cut taxes and spending?”

Another Corcoran kid hangs his head.

“We even took tax dollars from Pitbull!” Corcoran cheerfully boasts.

“But, Dad, I like Pitbull,” one of the Corcoran clan complains, as orchestra music swells in the background.

“Yeah, but he doesn’t deserve our tax dollars. It’s about doing, and not talking,” the speaker replies, prompting one of his kids to urge him to talk less and throw the ball.

The video ends as Corcoran asks, “What’s the greatest threat to your freedom and liberty?”

To which they despondently respond, “Big government and big corporations,” as they walk off the field.