2017 session

Bill analysis, NSF-style

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The 2017 regular session yielded a pretty typical performance by Gov. Rick Scott’s veto pen when it came to House and Senate bills.

Scott vetoed 11 of the 241 bills passed in the session, above his seven-year average of 7.9 vetoed bills per regular session. In four of the seven years he has been in office, Scott has reached double-digit bill vetoes, with his high of 12 vetoed bills following the 2012 session.

His low was one bill vetoed following the 2014 session, when Scott was seeking re-election, and the Legislature passed 255 bills. The lone victim of his veto pen was a controversial bill that would have raised the speed limit to 75 mph on interstate highways and would have made speed-limit adjustments to other major roadways.

The 241 bills passed by the Legislature this year in the regular session is a dip in the 262 average during Scott’s tenure. The passed bills have ranged from a low of 227 bills in 2015, when the Legislature had a procedural meltdown in the final week, to a high of 283 passed bills in the 2013 session.

Posted by Lloyd Dunkelberger