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Left out of immigration debate, Levine takes out his checkbook

In a one-two advertising punch, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Philip Levine is taking on both President Donald Trump and House Speaker Richard Corcoran, lashing them for promoting hate and intolerance.

The former Miami Beach mayor’s campaign is launching a one-week $250,000 buy in Florida for a 30-second television ad that slams Corcoran for “broadcasting a message of hate,” referring to the Republican House speaker’s ad on “sanctuary cities” and a shooting involving an undocumented immigrant.

Levine’s camp announced the ad buy a day before Corcoran is scheduled to debate Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum, a Democrat facing off against Levine in a primary later this year.

“I have zero tolerance for intolerance. Speaker Richard Corcoran is attempting to divide our state and our country by attacking and bullying those who do not look like him, on a cynical belief that this will propel his campaign for governor,” Levine said in a statement. “Those are the qualities of a bully, not a leader.”

In a more unusual move, Levine’s campaign is also doing a $20,000 targeted cable buy for the ad in Washington, D.C., running on the Fox News and CNN channels, aiming at Trump.

“I want President Trump to know that his efforts to divide us through intolerance is intolerable, and the people of Florida and this country stand united against his divisive rhetoric and policies,” Levine said in a statement.

Political consultant Christian Ulvert, senior advisor to Levine’s campaign, told reporters Monday morning the campaign is going to keep up an “aggressive push” on digital media as well.

“We are going to continue to do that to make sure that this type of race-bating by the speaker is rebutted directly with Floridians and they hear a different message from our campaign, one of respect and inclusion,” Ulvert said.

Here’s the transcript of the ad, which is also running Spanish:

Levine: In Washington these days, they’re taking shots at immigrants who’ve devoted their lives to this country.

Levine: Now one Tallahassee politician is broadcasting a message of hate aimed at every man, woman and child that doesn’t look like him.

Levine: It’s bad enough we hear this from a President who bullies for a living. What’s worse are those who encourage it.

Levine: I want Florida to show America that we won’t be threatened by anyone, because we believe in everyone.

Announcer: Philip Levine for Governor.

— By Lloyd Dunkelberger

Corcoran hammers Senate on ‘sanctuary’ cities

Watchdog PAC, House Speaker Richard Corcoran’s political committee — expected to help an anticipated run by the Land O’ Lakes Republican for governor in 2018 — is also a tool for pushing the Senate.

In a video sponsored by the political committee posted online Friday, Corcoran called on the Senate to pass a bill — up in the House on Tuesday — to crack down on “sanctuary” cities.

“It’s a national disgrace. It needs to stop,” Corcoran, a Land O’ Lakes Republican, says in the video. “I led the fight to pass a bill to punish sanctuary cities, restrict their funds, and require law enforcement to cooperate with federal authorities.

“It was called the ‘Rule of Law Adherence Act.’ Now we need to get the Senate to pass it.”

The House proposal (HB 9) goes before the House Judiciary Committee Tuesday morning. The appearance is the only stop for the bill, sponsored by House Public Integrity & Ethics Chairman Larry Metz.

The 21-page measure, in part, would bar local governments from having sanctuary policies, and would impose fines of up to $5,000 a day fines for each day a sanctuary policy was in effect. The legislation also directs law enforcement to support federal officials on immigration laws.

A similar measure in the Senate (SB 308) by Sen. Aaron Bean, R-Fernandina Beach, has been assigned to the Judiciary and Rules committees.

During the 2017 session earlier this year, the House approved a bill (HB 697) aimed at ensuring local governments support immigration-enforcement efforts. The Senate never head a similar measure.

By Jim Turner.